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The Studio A Philosophy


Studio A has long been known as “the happy place to dance.” With a primary goal of inspiring a love of dance, the professional teachers focus on technique, passion and team work resulting in highly self-motivated dancers.

At Studio A, students learn that they belong to something bigger than themselves and that everyone on the team and every element of the dance is just as important as a solo. In this sense they learn to honor each other, the team and their art.  Each year the students take part in the Annual Musical Revue which is a fundraiser for a charity of the student’s choosing. This wonderful way of reaching out to the community helps teach kids the rewards of giving back!


Studio A is both for the serious and recreational dancer. Recreational dance is equally as important as the competition program. Classes are available for all ages and levels including Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Acro, and Breakdancing. Also offered is a large competition program. All dancers are placed in a class that not only suits their ability but is also fun and exciting. Every class is based on the unique talent of each of the students in the class and will be taught to challenge their ability. To keep it fresh and cutting edge, teachers continually participate in ongoing education and stimulating seminars.


The first priority at Studio A is to create a fun, laid back experience offering something new and fresh.

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