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Master Class Schedule

* This schedule may change slightly so please check for updates

* Friday classes are optional

* Dancers should bring a nut free lunch each day.

* All One Day dancers should have received an email letting you know which day to attend.  Please let us know if you did not.

* Dancers 7th grade and under will be in the Walled Lake Studio

* Dancers 8th grade and up and all Senior Company Dancers will be in Birmingham. 

* Dancers are encouraged to do all classes, the weekend is designed for them to try everything even if it is not a style they compete in.  The cost for this weekend is the same whether your dancer participates in all classes or not

* Company dancers must participate in all styles of classes on Saturday and Sunday (they may miss one class of their choosing)

*Pre Pro Only Dancers are required to take all classes relating to their Pre Pro Classes on Saturday and Sunday

   Pre Pro Jazz - Jazz, Lyrical, and Jazz Funk

   Pre Pro Tap - Hip Hop, Jazz Funk and Tap

   Pre Pro Lyrical - Jazz and Lyrical

   Pre Pro Hip Hop - Jazz Funk, Commercial Hip Hop and Hip Hop


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